Because of the confidential nature of our work, certain prominent clients cannot be named, but please see the list below of some of the clients our founding partners have served.

We have a wealth of experience identifying, securing and managing multiple relationships and channels simultaneously in the Gulf, Middle East and southeast Asia with large companies and conglomerates over decades. Being the trusted exclusive representative in specific regions for Fortune 500 companies speaks to our experience, reputation, and success.

Here our some clients with whom we have worked both through IgniteBiz and our co-founded companies:

  • Large Gulf Airlines
  • Royal family offices
  • US Saudi Business Council
  • Visible Technologies (USA)
  • EagleRock Ventures
  • Hy Security
  • The Economist – Economist Conferences
  • Weyerhauser
  • International Paper
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Coffman Engineers (USA)
  • Abu Dhabi National Paper Mills (UAE)
  • Phyllis Morris (USA)
  • GalleryPlayer (USA)
  • Nuqul Group & Fine Hygenic (Greater Middle East)
  • Saudi Paper Manufacturing Company (Saudi Arabia)

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